QR Code replaces Hardcopy Menus

QR Code replaces Hardcopy Menus

The rise of mobile technologies like QR codes is bringing restaurants a new level of customer engagement and data. In the past, restaurants could only pass on information about bookings and reservations, but now, they can use the technology to keep track of past orders, improve sanitization, and connect with guests. In fact, the use of QR codes has become so popular that many companies have begun incorporating them into their business models.

QR Code Menu for Restaurants & Bars: Hygienic, Easy

In addition to replacing paper menus, QR codes also make it easier to create digital brochures and catalogues. Using a phone camera to scan a QR code can allow customers to view information about your restaurant and order a meal with just a few clicks. These codes can be used to replace traditional paper menus and are as simple to create as any other form of marketing. You can use the QR code to put up digital versions of your menu on coasters, menu cards, or walls.

Currently, only iPhones and Android phones have the capability to scan a QR code menu. However, that may change in the future. In the meantime, you can upload your QR code menu to your website and start using it to serve your customers. Using a QR code will also streamline the customer experience, which will ultimately lead to more repeat business. As long as you can keep the costs low, you’ll be happy with the new digital ordering system and can expect fewer recurring business headaches.

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